Who We Are?

The Aalam Montessori House of Children was started in the year 2010. It is intended to be a learning space which offers freedom to learn and explore one's own interest without the burden of being judged in any way. We aspire to grow into a free-thinking, progressive and child-centric community of parents, teachers and educators. Our educational approach is largely inspired by Dr.Maria Montessori's philosophy. While her methodology forms the bedrock of our approach, thinkers like J.Krishnamurti, John Holt and the likes influence our day to day efforts.


The Aalam is derived from the Tamil word for the Banyan Tree - " Aala maram ". In many ways the Banyan symbolises fertility, growth and life itself, so too will be The Aalam, a space that will nurture children in the natural path of development and let them take wings into the future. Sandwiched between the umbrella of Melia Dubia trees on one side and the organic orchard on the other is the path that leads one up to our earthly building that buzzes with life. We welcome anyone who is interested in education and children to participate in any capacity in this noble journey.


The team comprises of several individuals from various backgrounds. While some of them are trained in Montessori Methods, others undergo training on campus to ensure that they share the same philosophy as ours. We work as a team without hierarchy, each one taking up responsibilities in core areas of competence and also in other areas such as administration, teaching, etc. Most importantly, we as a team continuously strive to further our understanding of the human nature within ourselves to make ourselves worthy of the child.


The campus is located 5 KM north of the airport in Kalapatti, Coimbatore. The first campus was located in GV Residency, off Trichy Road, uptil 2017. The campus at Kalapatti was opened in 2014 to provide the elementary program. Since June 2017, we function only from Kalapatti campus.


Our current campus has a serene atmosphere with lot of green space. There are two main blocks, one catering to the academic needs and the other residential. The school also has an organic farm attached to it alongside sports facilities, a mini forest (coming up), outdoor classes, arts studios, amphitheatre, etc. Maximum space is retained for greenery in the campus. Variety of birds and some pet animals make the campus more " lively ".